Pink Dream Catcher - Small and Beautiful
Pink Dream Catcher - Small and Beautiful

Pink Dream Catcher - Small and Beautiful

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PINK Mini Dream Catcher Circular Net With feathers Wall Hanging Decoration

Dream Catchers


Dream Catcher, sometimes referred to as "Sacred Hoops," The dream catcher has been poetically called 'asabikeshiinh', meaning web or spider, because of its design.

Dream catchers are hung above our beds to help protect us from bad dreams and evil spirits. Legends held that the spider web design of the dream catcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children.

Dream catchers can be hung in all kinds of places to help filter out evil spirits, an example is on your car mirror. This will add a perfect classy touch to your vehicle, while hopefully helping to keep you safe from any harm that may come to you.


Spiritual Meaning of Dream Catchers

The dream catcher is also associated with the Lakota tribe.

There is a story about an old spiritual leader of Lakota who had a vision on a mountain.

In the vision, Iktomi, trickster, and searcher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider and spoke to him in a sacred language.

While speaking he started weaving a web from willow hoop, feathers, and horsehair and finally gave it to the elder.

When handing it over, Iktomi informed the elder that the web was a perfect circle with a hole in the center to filter good ideas which would help people reach their goals.

The outermost circle represented Mother Earth and its circular shape was symbolic of the endless flow of energy and circle of life from birth to death.

At a deeper level, it became a symbol of God and Creation.

The Pink Dream Catcher - Small and Beautiful destined to impress, and priced at only $7.65, for a limited time.

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