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About Mels Candles and More!
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We make SOY Candles simply because we are candle ADDICTS and love providing our customers with safe eco friendly handmade products.

Unlike Most candle companies we are NOT afraid to list the ingredients in our products!

Our Handmade Candles are made from 415 Soy Wax, Essential Oil Blends, Eco Friendly Dyes and have cotton wicks.

We make a variety of Soy Candles, Wax Melts, Body Sprays and Lotions.

NEW Scents

Lil Monster
Turtle Kisses
Strawberry & Kiwi
This scent was created by my daughter Nichole - Who has been in love with Harley Quinn since she was 10 years Old. 

A blend of Forever Red womens perfume, Cedar (to represent her bat) and bottom notes of Leather!
This is a faboulous fruit blend of yes you Guessed it of strawberries and kiwi .
My daughters Creation. I hope you love it as much as I love her!

Chocolate, mint and vanilla collide making this a huge delightnaked!