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Mels Candle Product Information

Creating Unique Handmade Products is what we do!


SIZES: 4 ounce Candle Tins, Some 8 ounce Candle Tins & Large 16 Ounce Country Jar Soy Candles



All Natural 415 Soy Wax – NOT genetically modified

Fragrance Oil used is Skin safe and Often an Essential Oil Blend

Eco Friendly Dye (If candle is colored)

Pre-tabbed Cotton Wick



Handmade with Love and Laughter

Mels Candles is a small business, consisting of Mel and her two daughters.

 Rolla Missouri to be exact. 

All of our Raw Material Suppliers are also in the USA!

Great Environmentally Friendly Scented Soy Candles



Soy wax holds scent longer than paraffin, so you get TWICE the Candle.

Soy wax is a healthy product made from soybeans, unlike the toxic chemicals that are found in petroleum and paraffin products.

Soy Candles burn evenly and all the way to the bottom, so there is no wasted wax.

Soy cleans up with soap and water

Purchasing soy candles, supports our American Farmers and WE LOVE OUR HARD WORKING FARMERS!


BURN TIME: Approximate Burn time of 9 hours per ounce

BURN TIPS: Let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the glass the first time that you light it. It should burn evenly after that. The ideal burn time is 1.5 hours at a time. Keep the candle away from drafts or air vents so that it will burn evenly.  Some smoke might appear for a few seconds when you extinguish the candle and a bright ember may appear. This is perfectly normal and because the wick is cotton and non chemically treated.

DON't put the lid on a candle - it just traps the smoke in and causes your candle to turn black. Use a candle snuffer or even better a simple wick dipper. 

SAFETY TIPS: Don't leave the candle unattended or with pets or children. Don't place the candle near anything combustible. The candle is safe on most surfaces but PROTECT IT ANYWAY!

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